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2017年3月13日 (月)




What do non Chinese / Japanese people think of the Nanjing Massacre ?

Scarlett Mitchell, Hoarder of knowledge, graphic IT student, latte slinger
Written Dec 23

I am an American. I have never been to Asia.

I have no bias to either country, other than a love of both cultures. Or I didn’t, until I learned about this.

The massacre, aptly named “The Rape of Nanjing” has been called a genocide because it was a slaughter of civilians without any reason–The city had already been captured.

And not many, but still too many, Japanese people are literally denying any such “conflict”. Everyone else just calls it an exaggeration or demands “proof”. Some of the Japanese do acknowledge it.

You know how, in the Western world, Holocaust deniers cause disgust in the regular population? This is like if the entire country of Germany continued to deny the Holocaust, or called it an exaggeration.

But like, there are also photographs of young corpses with bayonets sticking out of vaginas littered across the city. Women and little girls were systematically raped, household by household, and then murdered. Children's genitals were sliced open to make rape easier for the Japanese soldiers. A pregnant woman was resisting rape, so she was disemboweled, fetus removed, then raped after death. This is all eyewitness accounts by locals and foreigners, film, photographic, primary source evidence.

And of course the 100 heads contest, which turned into decapitating 150 Chinese civilians.

Who cares if it was 300,000 people or fewer?

The Nanjing Massacre is by far the most fucked up thing Japan has ever done, and they literally have memorialized some of the criminals responsible.

Japan needs to apologize. I read the Wikipedia article, saw some of these pictures, and I want to call into work in the morning. So I can throw up. And cry.

It was like Genocide for Fun.



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